Get Social

Start Trending With A Logo Built To Be Social

By The Makr Team

Social media is an essential part of business marketing. Whether it’s behind-the-scenes photos shared on Instagram, posting upcoming events on Facebook or adding your voice to the topic du jour on Twitter, social platforms are a fantastic way to directly engage with your customers and show off the human side of your company. Before you get the conversation started, get your branding on point with a few key tips for creating social media minded logos.


1: Simplify.

Keeping your design simple is even more important when dealing with a small screen. Limit text and detail so your social branding reads clearly at a tiny size.



2: Keep it recognizable and consistent.

Your colors and typeface should stay the same even when you boil down the design. This will connect the dots for your customer between the complete logo and the iconic one. Before designing your social media mark, break your logo down to its basic elements and choose 2-3 to focus on.




3: Design for a square and circle.

The square/circle format is the preferred layout for profiles and avatars so make sure you design a logo for social media that works well in these shapes.


Consistent branding in action: