Makr Hackr Series: The Power of One

By The Makr Team

In the Makr Hackr Series, we’re exploring ways that users can get the most out of our powerful builder tool. From 3D effects to complementary color palettes to unusual font pairings, our designer is pushing our tool to its limits and we’re showing you how to get the look yourself.

A logo’s purpose is to represent a company (or person or organization). There is so much that can inform a logo from the company name to its location to a tagline. Logo designs can quickly become cluttered with all this information.

Sometimes you just need to simplify. A single letter can create an engaging and unique mark that says more about a brand than that lengthy tagline. To prove our point, our designer is creating a logo alphabet showcasing the power of one (letter that is).

See the stellar results below and learn new tricks to apply to your own designs. She’ll be adding more each week, so keep checking back in!


1: Animated Aesthetic

Inspiration: 3D glasses and 60’s vibes

This look is great for: Entertainment industry, design & media, any brand that identifies with teamwork (one made up of many)

Designer Notes: What makes this design really pop is the high contrast color scheme. And the staggered letterforms are reminiscent of an off-register screen printing which plays into the retro vibe.

Get the Look:


2: B is for Bubbly

Inspiration: Barbie brands a new biz

This look is great for: Retail or products (think fashion, toys, or food), restaurants or bars, any brand with a fun flair

Designer Notes: Courgette is an extremely expressive font with a lot of implied movement (notice this B has no straight lines): so it pairs well with a burst behind it. The whole thing is just full of energy.

Get the Look:


3: Concentric Circles

Inspiration: Chess and vinyl

This look is great for: Retail or products (think gifting or home), any brand that identifies with design

Designer Notes: This design uses the typeface Monoton. It’s not super useful for smaller type, but if you want to get high impact with one word or letter, this delivers.

Get the Look:


4: D is for Daenerys (and Dragons)

Inspiration: Our favorite Game of Thrones heroine

This look is great for: Creative freelancers, children’s products or retail, any brand with a defining character or mascot

Designer Notes: The continuous, unbroken line of this D reminds me of the fluid movement of a dragon’s tail. I added the shadows to accentuate the feeling that this was one continuous line folding over itself.


4: E is for Equals

Inspiration: Yin and yang, symmetry

This look is great for: Interior designers, realtors, independent contractors

Designer Notes: Good design harnesses color for maximum impact. Without a pop of color here it would be difficult for the eye to differentiate the two letters. Color becomes an important part of the design rather than just an aesthetic choice.

Keep checking back for more!