3 Tips For Working With Color

By The Makr Team

We’re inspired everyday by our Brooklyn, New York neighborhood, and we translate our love of color to our template designs. How many colors a designer chooses–and how well those colors work together–has everything to do with the overall impression a project makes and the effectiveness of its message. Straight from our studio, here are a few basic tips for best color practices–whether for party invites, greeting cards, or small-biz branding.


1. Choose complementary colors. Start with a neutral color as a base, then create a complementary scheme by combining colors from opposite ends of the color wheel. The mixing of warm and cool colors gives a design depth.

Sometimes two colors directly opposite each other on the wheel can appear a bit abrasive when solely combined. Leaving white space between them or adding a transitional color in between lessens the contrast severity.


2. Limit your color selection. Since the eye is naturally drawn to contrasting colors, limiting your colors to one scheme allows you to draw attention to your design’s focal point(s) and create a visual hierarchy.


3. Think about readability. Color can both improve a design’s aesthetic and also better its function. Use dark text on light backgrounds, or vice-versa. When combined as a background-text duo, similar hues make for nearly illegible messages.

Check back for more pro design tips, and in the meantime, show us what you’re making by using the hashtag #makr in tweets, posts, and pins. Happy making.